Stitch Fix Review + Tips

Hi guys! I just wanted to write a quick post to tell you a little bit about Stitch Fix and give ya some tips and tricks on how to make sure each Fix is exactly what you hope for.

If you’re not familiar, Stitch Fix is a monthly styling subscription service where you can have a box of super cute clothes and accessories sent straight to your house. You pay a $20 styling fee and that covers free shipping and free returns. Also, they deduct the $20 fee from whatever you decide to purchase. Another plus, if you buy all five of the items in your box (they always have only five items), then you get 25% off your entire purchase! To get started, you sign up on their website and then fill out a “style profile” and then determine how often you want to receive boxes. You can either have them sent automatically each month, or set your own time frame (ex. every other month, only when I choose, etc). When your box arrives, you have three days to try things on and decide what to keep. If you’re sending anything back, you just pop the clothes into their prepaid shipping envelope and drop it at a post office. Easy peasy! Worried about prices??? You tell Stitch Fix what you’re comfortable spending on certain items and they are really respectful of that! I’ve never had a box cost more than $350 total and most of the time they average around the $180 mark for five items.

I have been using Stitch Fix for probably two or three years now and over time, I’ve had more and more success getting items I really love. When I first started using the service, I did not provide much direction to my stylist and sometimes I was sent things that I really hated but, over time, I have realized that when I give them really specific on what I like and don’t like I end up receiving Fixes that I am obsessed with! For example, over the holidays I said I wanted to be sent items in jewel tones that would work for family gatherings. When my November and December boxes arrived, they included items perfect for holiday parties.

Would you be interested in seeing what I get?? Right now, I get a new box every month around the 19th/20th. This month’s box was a 50% success for me. I received two cardigans, one pair of black jeans, one peplum blouse, and one striped tee shirt. I only kept the black jeans and the red cardigan and my total was around $130. While I really loved the peplum shirt, my boobs were just too big so it didn’t look right on my frame, so back it went. The other cardigan I received was too long and boring and also, expensive! It was like $130 and I didn’t think the quality matched the price tag. That is the very first time that has ever happened to me. I find that their prices are fair and commensurate with the quality of the clothing they offer.

Why do I like Stitch Fix? I love that they send me items that I wouldn’t normally pick out for myself. It really helps me step out of my comfort zone. Additionally, your “stylist” puts together items that match your requests. For instance, a few months ago I told Stitch Fix that I was going to Disney and I needed some warm weather items and that I also really wanted a back pack purse. My next Fix showed up and it was totally perfect for my Disney vacation and also included the most adorable faux leather black backpack purse! My stylist wrote me the sweetest note all about how to wear each item while on my trip… yes, they are required to send a personalized note, but lemme tell ya, the notes really help guide me on how to include my new pieces into my wardrobe. Even better, they send two outfit idea photos PER ITEM in the box. I save the photos they send me and use them for fashion inspiration later. I may not have every item they made the outfit with, but it helps me think of similar items and utilize the stuff in my closet more effectively.

One last tip, make sure to make a fashion board on Pinterest and give them the link. I will receive boxes with items that I can tell were pulled because of certain items on my Pinterest boards. Adding those links to my style profile has made such a big difference in my satisfaction with my Fixes.

Interested???? Use my referral link and let me know how your first fix goes!! In the meantime, let me know in the comment section if you would be interested in seeing what I receive in my Fixes every month.


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  1. Ashley Velchek says:

    Hey Mer – I actually had a very different experience with Stitch Fix. From the get-go, I was extremely detailed with my style and interests, and I included my Pinterest board. I did the monthly boxes for about three months, each time with a different stylist. It seemed as though only one stylist actually read my profile. They sent me items that I explicitly asked NOT to be sent. They sent me styles that I said wouldn’t be good for my body type. After each box, I would respond with a detailed explanation as to why I wasn’t keeping items, to try to improve the next box. I ended up keeping one necklace and one top – that’s it. Ultimately, my biggest criticism to them was that they were sending me stuff that I WOULD normally pick out for myself. I told them to be “adventurous”, that I wanted unique pieces that stepped outside my comfort zone, that I loved colors, etc, so I wanted them to really think outside the box as a stylist. But low and behold, I got mostly plain jane stuff that I could’ve bought at Target for a fraction of the cost. Ultimately, I cancelled my membership. I would be curious to know how many different companies like Stitch Fix are out there. They admitted that they were still new and growing, so maybe over time they will improve their inventory…Perhaps I was too picky and/or didn’t give it enough of a chance. But what started off as something fun and exciting quickly turned disappointing. Some of my other friends experienced similar issues, so I’m glad to hear you are having a positive experience with it.

    • That’s such a bummer! When did you try it??? I feel like recently they have been killing it for me. That’s not to say I always have a great box or that I always keep everything, but I’ve gotten some really cool items from there. I’m gonna post some of my boxes in the upcoming months so you can compare 🙂 I am seriously shocked that they would send you stuff you asked not to receive!! I hate dolman tops and early on, they sent me one every freaking box and now, I haven’t gotten one in months. Phew!

    • Also, I recently have been using Trendsend and enjoying that. I’ve heard good things about Dia& Co. Which is for sizes 10 and up. Haven’t tried it but read many good reviews 🙂