My Skin Care Routine // Week Two

Hi everyone! I’m here to review last week’s routine and then debut this week’s routine after that. If you’re not familiar with my new skin care feature, click HERE to get up to speed. The two second rundown is that I am using one AM skin care routine per week and one PM skin care routine per week and then reviewing them 7 days later.

Last week was my first week and I have to say, it was TOUGH to stick to only the products I chose. Half way through the week there were some items I wanted to swap out, but I didn’t. I stuck to it and now I’m ready to review. Okay, so for a recap, the products I used are photographed right down there. If you want to read details about each product and find a link directly to each product from last week’s routine, click HERE.

Weekly Skincare Routine // Week One

3/14 Routine Review 

The Good

My AM routine on the whole was pretty great. I really enjoyed the Blue Moon cleansing balm as a morning cleanser and I think adding the Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution was a good idea. Since I was looking for improvements all week, I definitely feel like I’m more aware of the flaws in my skin than I was before. I have noticed that I have way more hyperpigmentation (little dark spots) than I originally thought. Ferulic acid helps protect the skin from UV damage and also reverses some of the damage already caused by the sun. I am hoping that with regular use I will see some of my sun spots reduce. They are especially prevalent on my cheek bones. Boo. I also really loved the Belif moisturizer. That shit is awesome! It is pretty thick for a day time moisturizer, but I really felt like for me, someone who has dehydrated skin, it made my skin look plump and awake. I loved that! Mine was only a travel size sample but I will buy the big size once I clear out some of my other products over time 🙂 Another shining star product for me was the Jouer lip balm. It lasted all night and my lips looked really fresh and moisturized 24/7. Great product!

The Middle

So while I love the Blue Moon balm for morning use, I did not love it for evening cleansing. Why? I felt like the formula is too thick for makeup removal purposes. I felt like it really tugged at my skin unless I used a lot of product and it’s too expensive to use giant scoops every time. It’s great for the morning because you need to use less in the AM, but yeah…not for PM use in my book. The Dr. Jart Micellar Water is GREAT if you don’t use water proof mascara, which I do, so while I like it for removing face makeup, it was kind of pointless for me to use on my eyes. Otherwise, it was a great first cleanse but not something I will be purchasing again.

I also did not like the Boscia oil for evening use. I think I would prefer to use it in the AM before putting my makeup on. I know I will need to let it sink into my skin a little bit before applying makeup on top, but I felt like it wasn’t moisturizing enough for all night use, but that it would be perfect for the AM. We shall see 🙂

The Not So Great

What wasn’t I too fond of in this routine? Well, I am not loving this Kieh’s Calendula toner. It has these little chunks of calendula floating in it and they always ended up on my cotton pad and then on my face and I just really hate thatMy Skin Care Routine // Week Two feeling. I’m trying to feel clean, not chunky. I did like that it is a very mild toner. I experienced no irritation at all. I also really really don’t like the Honest company lotion. I feel like I just keep rubbing and rubbing and it does notttt want to absorb into my skin. The moisture doesn’t last very long either. I need something heavier and longer lasting. I also need a lotion that doesn’t take 5 hours to absorb into the skin. I am seriously debating throwing it out but that seems so wasteful. Ugh.

Also, something in this routine made me break out a little bit. I’m not sure if I was too heavy on the oils at night or what, but yeah, check out these little dots on my cheeks. It could have been hormonal, but that’s not usually an issue for me either so yeah, I’m not sure.

Overall Impressions

I’m so torn! Something about this routine made my skin look great in the morning. I’m not sure if it was my night time routine working its magic while I slept, or if it was my morning routine that added moisture and plumpness to my skin. That’s kind of how skin care works. You like some things and could do without some others. My overall rating of the AM routine was a 7/10 and the PM routine score is a 6/10. I needed more moisture over night for sure. I am hoping next week’s routine leaves my skin plump minus pimples 🙂

My Skin Care Routine Week Two

Alrighty, I learned a little bit from last week and made some tweaks to my routine. Here is what I will be using from March 21st-March 28th. Product details below the pictures.

My Skin Care Routine // Week Two

AM Routine Products (in Order of Application)

Blue Moon Cleansing Balm – As I mentioned above, I was not loving this for night time, but I did think it worked well for my morning cleanse. I agree with the claims that this is great for calming irritation and I like that it is a little gritty because it is a very mild physical exfoliation.

Kiehl’s Calendula Toner – Yes, I said I don’t like this toner so much…. true. However, I don’t want to waste the product and I do think it does what it claims — keeps my pores clear and doesn’t irritate my skin. If it weren’t for the stupid calendula petals, I would probably really like this product.

Caudalie Grape Water – Not a necessary step I just like the added hydration before applying my serums etc.

Omorovicza Reviving Eye Cream – I always apply my eye cream/serums before any other serums or creams. I do this so that the ingredients specific to the eyes have a chance to absorb and do all their goodness before I put on something else meant for the entire face. Make sense? This one has a really great cucumber smell to it and claims to reduce puffiness and plump and firm. I need allllll of that!

Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution – Really hoping that I see some dark spots fading soon! Products like this take a little bit to see any improvement and sometimes you won’t see any at all because they are actually preventing things from happening in the first place. It makes reviewing products difficult. A lot of trust is involved here haha.

Boscia Beauty Oil – I think this is a nice light oil appropriate for day time. I didn’t like this as a night time product so I am curious to see how I like it during the day.

My Skin Care Routine // Week Two

PM Routine Products (in Order of Application)

Deep Cleansing Oil – I’ve been using this for awhile now and I think it’s a really great “first cleanse”, meaning it’s very good at removing all of my makeup (even the waterproof stuff)

Beauty Counter Cleansing Balm – I haven’t used this product yet, it was a gift, but I am excited to give it a go. I like cleansing balms as my “second cleanse”

Biologique Recherche P50 Lotion – This is my favorite “toner” ever. It is so effective and amazing and lovely and did I mention effective? I haven’t been using this very much because I’ve wanted to try some new stuff but yeah, I need it back in my life. Come to mama!!!!!

Caudalie Grape Water – Not a necessary step but I like to let the P50 sit on my face for a little bit and then I spritz some of this on to neutralize the toner and just feel refreshed

Elemis Pro Collagen Eye Treatment – I like to apply eye treatments before any other products because I want to make sure my eye area is well taken care of. I need these stupid wrinkles to go away!

Kypris Moonlight Catalyst– After applying my eye treatment I like to apply my face treatment. This product is amazing for those of you who prefer a more “natural” routine. It’s a great alternative to “retinoids” since it’s all herbal stuff (technical terms…). Anyway, it claims to even skin tone, refine texture, calm, soothe, plump, diminish the evidence of old pimples. Lots of claims. Keep you posted 🙂

Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm – I find that this eye balm is effective but not super heavy which might be appealing to some of my readers. It claims to fight the visible signs of aging and the reviews I’ve seen claim that this balm reduces eye puffiness. I need that. I’m a puffy mess lately.

Decleor Aroma Night Neroli Balm – This has been a long time favorite. I think this tub is my third or fourth. I love this! It’s soooo rich and thick and moisturizing. Worth every penny to me. I use a teeny tiny bit of this and press it into my skin before bed. This is another natural product and it claims to make your skin look smooth and refreshed when you wake up. I totally agree. LOVE IT.

I used my AM routine this morning and thought my makeup applied really nicely today. Here is a photo using the same makeup routine as last week. Thoughts???

My Skin Care Routine // Week Two

OKAY!!!! Wish me luck 🙂 This week I am hoping for plumper and less wrinkly under eyes, fewer pimples and overall glowy and young looking skin. Do you use any of these products? Do you recommend anything for my skin issues?! I need help!!! xo

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