Hi guys! I am really sorry that I have been so MIA lately but in all honesty, I haven’t had much to write about. I have little things here and there that I want to touch base on but I never feel like the topics warrant a full post. I figured I may as well just lump all of my “thoughts” here so I can get it all out there and then move on from there, fresh and clean.

  • My weekly skin care feature was super short lived. For those of you who were really into it, I apologize. The thing is, I know my skin really well and I know what it needs and when. Using the same products every single day was really great in that I got to finish up some products and get a good idea of what effects they had in the long term. However, using the same, for example, acid on my face every single day, even when I knew I shouldn’t, wreaked havoc on my skin. I have something called “perioral dermatitis”…PD for short. It’s basically a mix of acne and exzema and it’s hideous and painful. It flares up every now and again but during the “Weekly Skin Care Routine” weeks the PD flared like CRAZY! Whenever this happens I usually limit myself to really “natural” products and reduce my chemical exfoliation, but because I had committed to trying things for the entire week, I felt obligated and my skin was NOT happy as a result. Anyone else struggle with PD? I got my first flare up when I was 18 and working as a school bus washer. Yes, a school bus washer. I think all of the chemicals I was using to clean the buses really fucked with my face and since then, I have had 1-2 flare ups a year. Sometimes I have to battle the PD with antibiotics but I’ve been trying to do the wholistic route this last time. I’m mostly cleared right now…crossing my fingers that I am flare up free for a long while. So annoying!
  • MJ and I are planning to try for a baby soon. I know. Crazy! In doing so, I have really tried to cut back on my frivlous spending. I’ve stayed home instead of going out and I’ve cut back on makeup and clothing shopping. Therefor, I haven’t had much to review and/or show you in terms of purchases. I DID, however, get the entire Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow collection and I was thinking of doing a makeup tutorial using those products. I haven’t done a tutorial in a long while, so I thought that would be fun.
  • If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, then you’ve noticed that I’ve been pretty spotty in my posts. While I’ve been consistently using Snapchat, I’ve just been hating all other social media lately….mostly Facebook. Ugh. You guys, why is everyone so freaking angry?! Every time I log on, it’s someone complaining about something or acting like they are the authority on some topic and it drives me nuts. I’m not saying I’m not guilty, because I am, but if I post something “ranty”, it’s because I am so fed up and feel the need to remind people that they are being nuts. I need to stop doing that, but it’s hard. I am seriously considering deleting my personal Facebook. My biggest pet peeve is when people approach things as “authorities” instead of “learners”. I do not know one single expert in any field. The world would be a whole lot nicer if everyone approached one another from a place of growth and learning. Why does everyone feel the need to force change on others? If we educated people instead of bullied people then I bet people would be a lot more willing to talk about their differences. I don’t know guys….people are crazy. It’s really hard to handle. Being nice matters guys.
  • Further… (sorry I’m not done ranting lol), social media seems to make people really jealous and crazy. I have a hard time with this because I genuinely do not understand being jealous. If I’m on social media and I see someone skinnier than me, I do not get jealous. If someone on Instagram posts a vacation photo in Italy, I do not get jealous. Wanna know why? Because our priorities are different and I AM NOT that person. I could afford to go to Italy as long as I sacrificed others things. For example, I could go to Italy if MJ and I decided to be a “one car family” and if we lived in a smaller home, but, I like living where I am living and it’s important to me to be able to go wherever I want, whenever I want. Could I be super skinny? Yes. If I didn’t value eating out and drinking with friends on the weekends and relaxing on the couch with my husband and dogs on the weekdays. But I do. So I’m not. I don’t understand why more people don’t recognize this. You can have pretty much anything you want but your priorities will have to shift. The people you’re seeing on social media, highlighting certain aspects of their lives, have sacrificed something to have whatever it is that they are showing. The only time you should feel down and out is when your priorities are out of line. Did you miss out on a really fun birthday party for your nephew because you drank too much the night before??? Yup, you should feel bad about that and your priorities should shift. Did you say no to a vacation with your girlfriends because you were saving money for a trip abroad? Then don’t be sad, your priorities are in line for a delayed kind of satisfaction. We need to stop comparing ourselves to everyone else. All we should be doing is making sure that our priorities are in check and we are on the right path towards a life where we are mostly happy (because you’re not supposed to ALWAYS be happy).
  • Most of you know I am working on my doctorate. In the last few months I have been swamped with school work and also with my mind just running through a million ideas all the time. Does that ever happen to you when you’re in a learning environment? I feel like my mind gets stimulated and I can’t stop hypothesizing about things and thinking about human behavior and ….well, yeah. It’s annoying sometimes. I feel like I have adult ADHD. I don’t, but I feel like whenever I’m learning a lot, I have a hard time focusing on one thing because I’m so excited or curious about a million other things. I’ve had a few weeks off from class now and I swear, I’m driving MJ nuts because all I want to do is talk about people’s behaviors and social injustices. Ugh. It seriously gets exhausting. I’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about my dissertation topic and I think I have finally narrowed it down to something to do with mindfulness. This means after I start doing all of this research on mindfulness, I’m going to become a certified Hippie. Do they have Hippie Certification? They should.
  • Keeping on the hippie topic, I’ve started to cut out meat again. I actually think I’m likely going to be meat free for the foreseeable future. I have no interest in meat at all right now and whenever I order it, I end up pushing it all aside and eating the grains/veggies/fruits instead. It’s time…my body is just over it. I’m just really trying to get my body health in line. Last year my asthma doctor scared me when she told me that my lungs were functioning like that of a 60 year old. WHAT?! The next 6 months after that appointment, I was disciplined with my asthma meds and cardio. I went back to the doctor in April and I am so proud to report that my lungs are now functioning like a normal person with asthma. I’ll take it! All of that sorta scary health stuff just makes me realize that I only have one body and I don’t want to have to take 48,384 medicines in order to function in my later adulthood. I gotta take care of my body and I definitely think cutting back on meat, sugar, and eventually dairy, will make a huge difference for me.

Okay, I think that is the end of my rant. My “crazy” is all officially public. I’ll be back to normal posting soon. Do you guys have anything you’d be interested in hearing about? Let me know! PLEASE! xo

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