Trendsend Try On (May 2016)

It’s been awhile guys. Honestly, between my doctorate classes, work, dogs, family, social things… I’m just so exhausted. For those of you who were following my skin care posts, those have to go on hold. Most people get skin problems when they switch their skin care too much, but I was getting skin issues from using the same things every day. Too much redness, random pimples… I am really great about listening to my skin needs and I needed to go back to that. Different routine most days. It works for me 🙂 You can still expect reviews frequently, just not an entire routines. Sorry guys!

Alright, so let’s get to last month’s Trendsend Box. For information on Trendsend click HERE. I also showed what I got in my March box — click HERE to see that.

This time around my stylist went super casual, which normally would be fine, however, I had specifically asked for things I could wear to work. Sure, I work in a pretty laid back environment, but I still need to look professional-ish ya know? That said, you can see from the note below that she was thoughtful in what she pulled. Had I not specifically talked about stuff I could wear to work in my requests, I would have been stoked that she pulled more casual items since I spend 99% of my life wearing leggings.

Trendsend May 2016

Outfit #1 – I loved the vest SO much when I saw it online, but in person, it just didn’t wow me. It did not fit me well at all, as you can tell and yeah, it went back. The tank was a bit too pricey to keep and the jeans were boxy on my teeny tiny calves, right? I mean, the white jeans reminded me of something my Mom would have worn in the 2000’s. Sadly, this outfit went back BUT I did think it would have looked good on someone smaller than me. Story of my life!
Trendsend may 2016

Outfit #2- This outfit is SOOOO me! I loved it. Every bit of it. I ended up only keeping the button down (it was cozy beyond belief) but the joggers were adorable too — a bit tight in the waist so I returned them. Should I drop some pounds anytime soon, I will for sure be buying them. The tee shirt was the real star of this outfit. I know so many of you are going to love it. It was wayyyy too tight on my tig ol’ bitties otherwise I would have lived in it. Click HERE to see a better picture of the tee.

Trendsend May 2016

Trendsend 2016

Outfit #3 – Nope. I just didn’t like this pairing at all. I actually liked, and kept, the shirt because it was cozy and I think perfect for lounging around my house, but these pants…nope. I actually think they sent these to me before and I returned them saying NOPE but…yeah. Maybe the universe wants me to have these pants that look horrible on me?! I don’t know why…I wish the universe would eff off. Ugh…I look horrible. Don’t even get me started on the disgusting necklace. Sorry but this one was a fail. Fail blog dot com.

Trendsend May 2016

Trendsend May 2016

That’s it for this month, guys! Have any of you tried Trendsend?? Lemme know if you’ve been liking it! My next box will come in July. Wish me luck! xo

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