Travel Booking Tips

Guys! I am officially half way done with my doctorate program! I finished my summer classes last night and I am soooo relieved. Every Monday and Wednesday I was in class from 1pm to 8pm and had lots of homework and reading in between. Life has been crazy! I go back to work in a few weeks and I’m just wishing we had more time to travel this summer but alas, we are homebound until Christmas time. Boo! However, my lack of travel shouldn’t get in the way of your fun crazy lives! I wanted to share some resources that have helped me a ton when I am booking new and exciting trips.


I am obsessed with and you should be too! Basically you can enter in your destination and preferred dates and the website will search the entire internet to find you the best deal. It works even better if your dates are somewhat flexible. I stalk this site often to see if I can find any amazing low prices to head to Europe. My travel budget is minuscule right now so I haven’t found anything that has worked for us, BUT there are some awesome deals out there that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Then check out to make sure whatever seat you pick on your flights will be comfy for the entire ride.


Now that you’ve booked your flight, you need to pack! Check out to find out what you should pack for your destination. I used this site a lot when I was headed to Scotland and Germany last summer and it really helped me be logical about what I was bringing since I knew I didn’t want to overpack. The site gives you packing lists and also different outfit ideas based on the time of year. She also posts some great tips on packing, luggage, and travel gear. Hey FYI, you’re gonna want to dress similar to a local. Standing out is a no-no if you’re headed to high tourist areas. I was straight up pick pocketed in Mexico once and it was all my fault. I stood out like a sore thumb and I carried my purse behind me on the bus. Dumb. Don’t be me. Be smart.


Speaking of safety, traveling does not come without its risks and leaving home can sometimes be scary. It’s important to be safe and make sure that you’ve planned ahead. Go ahead and give your trip itinerary (including hotel phone numbers and flight information) to someone you trust, like your mom. If you’re going overseas, it is smart to make a copy of your passport and credit card just in case. I like to give a copy of that stuff to my Mom and then bring one with me, hidden somewhere safe on my husband. I also like to write down phone numbers for emergency use while I am gone. For example, headed to Germany?? You might want to know what the German equivalent of 911 is, right? It is 112 just FYI. For all you fierce females out there thinking of hitting the road alone, you might wanna check out THIS POST full of ways to stay safe and protect yourself.


Anyone headed anywhere fun? Tell me all about it in the comments.


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