Spring Wish List

Don’t you wish you had ALL the money? Ugh, me too! I can’t be the only one who starts lists of things I want, knowing fully well I won’t get most of the stuff on my list, right? Today I’m sharing what’s on my “wish” list, knowing fully well I can’t have ALL THE THINGS…. I like to dream (that I’m rich, young, and slender he he).

What’s on your list for spring? If you could grab anything, money aside, what would it be?


Spring Wish List Spring Wish List

midi dress, swing dress, strapless palm dress, flamingo pool toy, graphic tee, pom pom sandal, striped romper, lace top

My Hair Color + Colorist + How I Care For It

I get SOOOO many questions on my Instagram page about my hair…

…more questions about my hair color than any makeup item or skin care routine. I thought it was finally time to just lay it all out there for you and give you all the details of my hair color story, my hair stylist (psst! she’s great and taking new clients!!), and my hair care routine.

As “into” skincare and makeup stuff as I am, you might be a little shocked to know that I am not super obsessed with taking care of my hair. In all honesty, I kinda take my hair for granted sometimes and I feel like I’m beginning to pay for it. Back in the day I used to be able to fry the shit out of my hair with bleach and heat styling 24/7 and my hair would still be super shiny and healthy. No longer the case, my friends. Aging is for the birds.

While I’m not crazy about taking care of my hair, I am super duper crazy about what my hair looks like. I have had some horrible haircuts and color treatments over the years and so I am paranoid about who I let touch my hair. Seriously, one time, this girl I trusted with my hair life, highlighted my hair super blonde and then toned it with a bottle that had red hair dye left in the top,  and it turned my hair RED! I spent 8 hours in her chair, well after the salon had closed, and still walked out of there with dirty orange hair. I had to go back the next morning for another 6 hours to get it somewhat normal again. Ugh. Anyway, I digress, my point in bringing this up is that I don’t let just any old schmo work on my hair. Last year I realized that I was paying out the ass for just average highlights and haircuts at some of Chicago’s most expensive salons and my hair was still pretty lifeless and “basic”. Shit needed to change!

Enter Jess Mateja. My hair savior, stylist, colorist, hair magician, etc etc etc.

Jess is the fiance of one of MJ’s coworkers and I first realized she was a hair genius when I saw her take my friend Angi from long dark hair to short blonde hair and it looked AMAZING! After seeing that she was able to work that sort of hair wizardry, I decided I needed to ditch my expensive salon and let Jess work some magic on my boring hair. Seriously, look at Angi’s hair! Do you die?! I die.

My Hair Color + Colorist + How I Care For It

Angi’s Hair “Before”

My Hair Color + Colorist + How I Care For It

Angi’s Hair “After” // Slayyyyy!

Okay, SO like I said, after seeing how talented Jess was with Angi’s hair, I decided to ask her to start coloring/cutting my hair too. Not only does she come to my house to do it all (perfect for all you busy ladies out there) but she also really educates me about how to take care of my hair. I am not, by any means, the perfect hair student/client, but my hair care routine has definitely taken a step up since Jess has been in my life. Good news for everyone in the Chicago area, Jess is taking new clients! Her prices are totally reasonable and she can color/cut your hair at your house, at her house, or you can go to see her at her salon (Regis Salon in Woodfield Mall). If you’re interested, email her at jessmatejastylist@gmail.com. Oh hey, PS. She cuts MJ’s hair too!

Ain't she cute? You'll love her! Email: jessmatejastylist@gmail.com

Ain’t she cute? You’ll love her! Email: jessmatejastylist@gmail.com

The first time Jess did my hair I told her that I wanted to slowly transition to blonde. I’ve got some grays popping up (ughhhhhhh) and blonde really helps hide them without having to dye my hair every 5 seconds. For our first appointment Jess did something called “babylights”, which was a great first step because my highlights were so natural. Over the course of this year we have transitioned into a mix of “ombre” and “balayage” and appointment by appointment, I’m getting more and more blonde.

The first picture here is my hair “Before” Jess. The rest after are all “After” her amazing hands touched my head.

My Hair Color + Colorist + How I Care For It

January 2014 BEFORE JESS

My Hair Color + Colorist + How I Care For It

July 2015

December 2015

December 2015

April 2016

April 2016 – See how blonde my ends are now?! Love!

Now, when I was a brunette, taking care of my hair was pretty easy. Shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, done. Now that I use bleach on my hair, I know I need to take better care of my hair. Jess has helped me keep my strands as healthy as possible which is super important now that my hair is pretty blonde. She even picks up the products for me and takes the guessing work out of it. Last week, Jess was over to color and cut my hair and she went through everything I should be doing to make sure my hair doesn’t get fried. Oh hey, some other things about my hair– I have a lot of hair but the actual strands are pretty thin and fragile. My hair is “straight” but it definitely has some weird wave texture to it that is not cute if I let it air dry…the under part of my hair even gets tiny, frizzy, ringlets sometimes…. NOT CUTE!

Jess has stressed to me that it is really important that I use a “toning” shampoo and deep conditioning treatment at least once per week. The toning shampoo helps my blonde hair stay more “ashy” and less “brassy/yellow”. On the day where I tone and deep condition my routine is as follows:

  1. I like to use an exfoliating shampoo to rid my hair of any built up product before I tone. Right now I have been loving the Invanti Exfoliating Shampoo by Aveda. This is not a product that Jess gets me, just one that I’ve been using over time to make sure my scalp and strands are clean of any product build up.
  2. Next, I use my toning shampoo, So Silver by Matrix. Jess grabbed this for me and it is SO great. I use this all over my head but I do concentrate the majority of the product towards the ends of my hair since that is where I am most blonde. I leave it on for 3-5 minutes and then rinse.My Hair Color + Colorist + How I Care For It
  3. After I shampoo with So Silver, I use the Restorative Hair Mask by Moroccan Oil. This is another one that Jess recommended and I have been loving it. After I wash my hair, I ring out any excess water and then slather this all over the roots and then rub the ends of my hair all over my head. I don’t generally apply this directly to my scalp because I don’t like any “build up” and I find that rubbing the product from the ends to the rest of my head works just fine. I put my hair up into a bun in the shower and then shave my legs, exfoliate my body, and then rinse this off with COLD water after 7-10 minutes. I only recently started rinsing with cold water because Jess said so… and yeah, it’s cold! But! Cold water seals your hair cuticle so all the goodness from your deep conditioner can stay in and do its job.
  4. The Moroccan Oil jar says to follow up with a conditioner. I don’t get why… but sometimes I do this just because. I have been using this Repair Conditioner by Matrix for awhile and I think it works really well. I use this most days that I was my hair. I don’t let this sit, I just rinse it right off.


BTW, if you’re not blonde, you should still be deep conditioning! Follow the same steps as above but just apply the deep conditioning mask right after your use the exfoliating shampoo.

On days where I am not toning and/or deep conditioning, I only wash my hair with the Matrix Repair shampoo and conditioner. These bottles are just about empty so Jess got me some new stuff to try but since I haven’t used them yet, I didn’t want to show you yet. I’ll let you know how I like them later.

While healthy hair starts in the shower, you have to put in some work after the shower too! My new after shower  routine is:

  1. Towel dry hair gently
  2. Spritz on a leave-in conditioner. Jess got me hooked on this Weightless Thermal Primer by Regis. It smells soooo yummy and does not weigh my hair down. I spray this generously all over my hair and then I brush my hair using the Wet Brush. If you don’t have a Wet Brush, you need one! It is so gentle on the hair and doesn’t yank at any tangles. Great for kids too! BTW, Jess said this leave-in conditioner is also a heat protectant but she said that if I am straightening or curling my hair then I need to apply another heat protectant after I blow dry and before I style.
  3. After the leave-in conditioner is brushed through my hair I apply two pumps of Controlling Oil by Matrix. I My Hair Color + Colorist + How I Care For Itmostly apply this to the ends of my hair but run anything left over to the rest of my hair.
  4. Step four is tricky. If I shower at night, this is the point where I pull my hair into a tight bun, wrap an 80’s scrunchie around it, and go to bed with my hair wet. I do this most nights and blow dry my hair in the AM. If I am blow drying my hair right after I shower then I spray a little bit of this Smooth & Seal by Smooth Sexy Hair all over. You can use this before or after you blow dry. If you decide to use it after styling, use sparingly as a shine spray.
  5. If I’m crunched for time, I use the Flash Blow Dry Oil by Matrix all over my head at the most “wet” parts just to speed my blow drying time. I have fairly thick and long hair so blow drying is my least favorite activity ever…anything to cut the time is a welcome added step.

I already told you, I’m not a perfect hair student. I don’t do all of these steps every single time I wash my hair, but in all honesty, I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week so adding these steps hasn’t been a huge burden for me. Seriously, why will I do an 8-10 step skin care routine but I’m so lazy when it comes to my hair?! Makes no sense!

Interested in a great blow dryer? For Christmas I was gifted the Dream Dryer and love it! It’s small, not too heavy, and high powered.

Okay, I think that’s everything! PLEASE reach out to Jess if you’re interested in her services. She is SO great. Any of my friends reading this, let me know if you want to have a haircut/color party at my house and we can set that up with Jess. Wine and gossip included 🙂




My Skin Care Routine // Week Four

Hi guys!

Of course I am here to talk about skin care (duh!) but I quickly wanted to point out my new blog design!!!!! Do you love?! I do! Let me know your thoughts in the comments and please please let me know if you run into any issues with links etc so I can fix ASAP. Ok, YAY!

Alrighty, SO. Last week’s skin care routine is linked HERE. From now on, I am going to review each routine on its original post. You’ll want to click HERE and then scroll to the bottom to read on my thoughts and see any photos of progress. It will keep the posts a little bit cleaner.

Click HERE for Week One
Click HERE for Week Two
Click HERE for Week Three

Okay, so for the AM this week I will be using a very simple routine, just five steps! Go below the picture to see the order in which I apply.

My Skin Care Routine // Week Four

  1. CleanseCleansing Balm by Beauty Counter – Just your basic cleansing balm. No scent which is nice 🙂
  2. Toner – Multiactiver Toner by Dermologica – I spray this all over my face and let it dry. It is super mild, smells delicious, and doesn’t dry the skin at all. Sometimes I will really douse my skin with this and then use a cotton pad to wipe off the excess. This product lasts forever and is pretty inexpensive!
  3. Treatment – Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution by Dr. Dennis Gross (see weeks one, two, three for more info)
  4. Eye Cream – Complete Eye Renewal Balm by Algenist – I’m going to be using this morning and night this week. This is a nice lightweight but effective eye cream. It claims to reduce puffiness and dark circles. I will say, my under eye area has been a lot less red/purple since using this!
  5. Moisturizer – Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty – I started using this cream years ago and I wasn’t initially wowed by it but I think it is because I wasn’t using enough. I literally glob this on my face and just keep rubbing it in (also down my neck) until it is mostly absorbed. I let it sink in before applying my makeup but I think for the price, this has earned a “favorite” title from me over the years. This is another product that lasts forever, btw!

In the PM I am going to be using the same cleansers as last week…I swear…this Cleansing Oil lasts FOREVER, but I wanted to see how I liked the Luna Oil without the Good Genes. Go ahead down below to see the order in which I apply.

My Skin Care Routine // Week Four

  1. Cleanse OneDeep Cleansing Oil by DHC – effective makeup removal at a great price point!
  2. Cleanse TwoCleansing Balm by Beauty Counter – Just your basic cleansing balm. No scent which is nice 🙂
  3. Toner/Acid – P50 (see here for info on this product) Can’t live without this!
  4. Eye TreatmentPro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment by Elemis – I love the dropper that this guy has. It is really controlled and I never feel like I’m wasting product. I feel like this guy + the Algenist eye cream are making a huge difference in my under eye wrinkles.
  5. Eye Cream – Complete Eye Renewal Balm by Algenist – I’ve used this on and off for years and I think pairing it with the eye treatment above has been working out really nicely. I like that the cream is not heavy at all.
  6. Face Treatment/MoisturizerLuna Sleeping Night Oil by Sunday Riley – Luna Sleeping Night Oil contains a powerful, yet gentle trans-retinol ester and moisturizing botanical oils to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines, and sun damage while preventing flakiness and irritation.

Check back next week for reviews of these routines + photos of my skin throughout the week!

What have you been loving lately? What would you love for me to try and review? Leave me some love in the comments! xo

UPDATE 4/11/2016

Alright – it has been a week and I have mixed thoughts. Here are some pics from throughout the week — my feelings are below.

Taken April 6th wearing only a light tinted moisturizer + blush + highlight. No concealer. I feel like my under eye wrinkles are greatly reduced since week one. Also, my pores are still pretty tiny! YAY!

Taken April 6th wearing only a light tinted moisturizer + blush + highlight. No concealer. I feel like my under eye wrinkles are greatly reduced since week one. Also, my pores are still pretty tiny! YAY!

Taken on April 10th in the morning after my AM Routine. Notice the redness on my cheeks? This happens to me after cleansing but is gone within 20-30 min.

Taken on April 10th in the morning after my AM Routine. Notice the redness on my cheeks? This happens to me after cleansing but is gone within 20-30 min.

Taken on April 10th after my PM Routine. The eye wrinkles towards the inner corner are on another level of bad (allergies and drinking this weekend)... but otherwise, pores are looking good to me and the redness from AM, as you can see, was greatly reduced. While you can see my hyper pigmentation spots, you can also see that they are very light in color and probably only noticeable to me on a day to day basis.

Taken on April 10th after my PM Routine. The eye wrinkles towards the inner corner are on another level of bad (allergies and drinking this weekend)… but otherwise, pores are looking good to me and the redness from AM, as you can see, was greatly reduced. While you can see my hyper pigmentation spots, you can also see that they are very light in color and probably only noticeable to me on a day to day basis.

In the past I had been really loving using the Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty but this week it has not been really great for my skin. I felt like the product did not totally absorb into my skin and so my makeup in the morning ended up looking a little cakey, especially around the nose. I am thinking that in the future I need to lessen the amount of moisturizer I am using BUT also add a hyaluronic acid underneath for added moisture retention. Using this moisturizer in the morning and only using the Algenist eye cream, I just didn’t feel like it was enough to keep my inner eye wrinkles under control (also, I boozed hard on Friday and had allergy issues over the weekend) but I still think the Alegenist is working nicely on my outer eye wrinkles.

I finally finished the  Deep Cleansing Oil by DHC and overall, YES! I love it! This oil is a great price and it lasts forever! For a “first cleanse”, this is a big winner in my book. Anything that can easily take off my waterproof mascara is worth a repurchase. With that said, I have a lot of products I need to use up before I can justify purchasing another cleanser, but when I am in the market, I will definitely buy this guy over and over again.

A big change this week was using the Luna oil without Good Genes. I think this was a great and gentle way to treat my skin but I decided that it’s not hydrating enough for me anymore to use alone. I think in a few weeks I may try topping the Luna oil with a thicker oil or balm. Stay tuned for more on that one.

Oh! In the AM I was using the Multiactiver Toner by Dermologica and I really think this is a nice toner for “beginners”. It lasts forever, smells great, is a great prize for the size, and it definitely does the “toning” job. Is it as good as P50? Hell no. BUT it’s gentle and effective at removing residual product after cleansing. On weeks where I am using more acids than usual, this will be grabbed because it is totally soothing.

Wondering about my hyperpigmentation? It’s still there (as you can see in the last picture). Ugh. I seriously don’t know if I’m just more aware of it because of this series or if it was always this bad, but yeah, it’s there and driving me nuts. With that said, any spots I have are very light in color and easily covered up using just a tinted moisturizer so I know I’m being a big dramatic but I want perfect skin dammit! I wish these damn sun spots would go away!!!

Overall, since I’ve been skipping masks and peels for the last two weeks, I think my skin is mad at me. I think I need to take a short break from using the same routine every day. I’ll have a new routine next week but this week I want to focus on masks and peels to try and get things under control a little bit. A pamper day is necessary.

Questions/comments?! Lemme know! xo

Trendsend Unboxing + Try On (March 2016)

Hello everyone!

I’m back with a new Trendsend unboxing and try on. Just like last month, I tried it all on so you could really see how it all looked put together and then let you know what I decided to keep and what I sent back. Alrighty, let’s get going!

Trendsend is a styling service, much like Trunk Club, provided by the store Ever Eve (formerly known as Hot Mama…so glad they changed their name). I LOVE Ever Eve. I really feel like it’s the perfect store for women in their early 30’s. It caters to moms who don’t want to dress in “mom jeans” and rock spit up tee shirts in the drop off lane at school. I have been shopping here for years and I have found that the prices are generally pretty reasonable and the clothes are definitely functional and appropriate for the 30 something crowd. Trendsend will send you a box of clothes based on your style profile that you fill out before they ship anything. The prices can vary but I feel like everything is appropriately priced and sometimes I even get sent sale items! I got a lot of jewelry in my first shipment that I loved and a lot of it was on clearance. I was really thankful because I don’t tend to look at the sale or clearance sections in stores because I get overwhelmed. The styling fee is the same as Stitch Fix, $20, and that amount is subtracted from your total when you “check out”.

Okay, so for March I asked for spring/summer clothing that was edgy but still feminine. I wanted things that I could wear to work and be comfortable in as well.

This is the letter that my stylist sent with my box. I love that she used my Spring/Summer Pinterest board for inspiration (curious about what I pinned? Click here) and also liked that she pointed out that I can reach out to them for ideas on how to wear the items they included in my box.  I didn’t know I was able to do that, so I definitely think that is a nice perk of the Trendsend box. Something I noticed is that my stylist mentioned my New Orleans trip again. This is a trip I have cancelled and I erased it from my Style Profile months ago. I was a little annoyed because I update my profile every month and assume that they look at it before packing up my boxes. In my feedback for this box, I will be sure to let them know to look at my current and updated Style Profile before sending items.


Trendsend March 2016

Outfit # 1 – Feminine Badass

Lately, I have been loving things that are feminine but with a little edge. I think the stylist did a great job of creating this outfit and putting together something that I would normally never think to wear. I have a vest that is similar to this one but this one is more structured, which I really liked. I think it is pretty flattering. Something I am a little annoyed about is that they included these faux leather leggings with this outfit. I already own these….even worse, I ordered them from their website. For my first box in January, they referenced that I had already owned these leggings and mentioned that I could wear them with an outfit they sent — I really appreciated that they took the time to check my order history to make sure they didn’t send me any repeats. I don’t know why they forgot I already had these, but yeah, this bothers me Grrr. On the plus side, these are my FAVORITE leggings ever. They are SOOOO flattering to the tush and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to add a little bit of edge to their style. SO cute.

Verdict: I returned the leggings since I already owned them but I KEPT the tunic and the green vest. I also returned the tank top since it was just a basic white tank. I thought it was a little pricey at $28 for something so simple.

Trendsend March 2016

Trendsend March 2016

Interested in purchasing this outfit??? Click HERE for the leggings, click HERE for the tank, click HERE for the vest, click here for the tunic.

Outfit #2 – Ready for sunshine

Spring has sprung in Chicago and this outfit is PERFECT for the weather right now. I am OBSESSED with this Kimono. I have worn it twice already since this box arrived. Obsessed. It is over sized and so cozy – even MJ said he loved it which is pretty special… he never makes a fuss over my clothes. As for the jeans, I own a similar pair but these were super cute and comfortable. I also LOVED the tee shirt that came with this outfit, BUT I already own it in all of their colors. I love that it is a jersey material with a subtle v-neck. It’s not too low or revealing but it is still very flattering. I also really like that it is longer in the back. I feel comfortable wearing this with leggings because my butt is covered.

Verdict: I kept the kimono and loved the price at only $58. So worth it! I returned the jeans because I own similar ones and also returned the t-shirt because I already own it. Finally, the necklace was cute but it wasn’t long enough on me because of my tig ol bitties.

Trendsend Unboxing March 2016

Trendsend Unboxing March 2016

Saltwater Shore Kimono, Tunic Tee, Braided Necklace (similar), 7 For All Mankind Jeans

Outfit #3 – Have fun in New Orleans

Yeah, I’ve already talked about how my New Orleans trip is not happening…so I’m annoyed that this outfit was included. Further, I’m totally not into these sorts of patterns and just felt like this top was totally something a suburban mom would wear to a girls night out at 5pm on a Thursday. The sunglasses they included were tortoise shell which I did not think matched this black and white busy patterned “dress” at all. Which brings me to my next point, they said this was a “dress” but my lord….SO short. I paired it with the leggings because it would have been vulgar otherwise. I liked that it dipped low in the back, but yeah. No.

Verdict: Returned entire outfit. I could not have disliked it any more than I did. I guess the sunglasses were cute, but not worth $50 to me.

Trendsend March 2016

Trendsend March 2016Heart Strayed DressQuay Sunglasses

Overall impressions? I LOVED this box so much! I am, of course, annoyed that they sent some items that I already owned, BUT I am glad that I now have new ways to wear them. I would have never thought to pair that green vest with my faux leather leggings! Honestly, they could have sent me the ugliest box of life and then included the kimono and I would have still been SO happy. If you’re interested in signing up for Trendsend, click here. Interested in what I received in February? Click here.

Here is a picture of how I wore the kimono over the weekend. What do you think???

Trendsend March 2016

I wore the kimono with the tee shirt they recommended (the one I owned already) but I wore my Zella live in leggings (from Nordstrom) instead of black jeans. I’m all for super comfy.

Trendsend March 2016

Psssst…. These Steve Madden heels are SO comfy and cute. I got mine at Nordstrom (click here).

Have you tried Trendsend?? Thinking of trying it? Let me know in the comments! xo


My Skin Care Routine // Week Three

Hi everyone!

I’m here to review last week’s routine and then debut this week’s skin care routine after that. If you’re not familiar with this new skin care feature, click HERE to get up to speed. The two second rundown is that I am using one AM skin care routine per week and one PM skin care routine per week and then reviewing them 7 days later.

Click HERE to see all the details and products that I used last week.

My feedback is going to be a little more simple than last week because my routines for the week of March 21st were WAY better than my routines from the week before. I experienced no breakouts, no irritation, and no dryness. All My Skin Care Routine // Week Twogood all around. For the AM, I still think the Kiehl’s toner is just so/so but I’m trying to use it all up before giving it up. I still will not be purchasing it again. The Grape Water from Caudalie is again, an unnecessary step, but I like the added moisture before putting on my serums and oils. I stuck with the Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution and I will say, the tiny pimples I got on my face last week, left absolutely no dark spots after healing. I’m guessing this product had a lot to do with that. As for the Boscia Beauty Oil – YES! I loved this in the AM as opposed to the PM. I used way less product than I would have at night, which means the bottle will last longer and I really feel like the hydration lasts all day. For some reason my makeup lasted longer throughout the day too! You wouldn’t think that would happen, but it did! Some people mix this into their foundation so I should have known it would be good shit, but yeah, pleasantly surprised with this one. Finally, my eye cream from Omorovicza (click here to see all product details and links for purchase) was pretty great. It’s light enough for day time but still very moisturizing. I loved the cucumber smell in the morning too, so refreshing. Oh yeah, definitely liked the Blue Moon Cleansing Balm more in the AM. I am almost out of this and while I liked it, I do like other balms a bit more.

For the PM I LOVED adding the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil back into my routine. This one is inexpensive too and lasts forever. It literally dissolves all of my makeup and makes my second cleanse feel like it’s actually cleansing my skin s opposed to removing makeup. Love that. The second cleanse balm I used this week was the Beauty Counter My Skin Care Routine // Week TwoCleansing Balm. I liked it. Good and oily and my skin felt nice and nourished afterwards. Nothing spectacular to report but I will keep using and report back. The big change to my PM routine this week was adding the P50 toner lotion into my routine. I have loved this guy for awhile now and I haven’t used it in a few weeks and now after adding it back in, I am in love all over again. It is SO good! My skin looks SOOOO plump and young when I use this consistently. Ugh…love it. SO good! The Kypris Moonlight Catalyst seems to be helping also. I just felt like my skin looked really great this week and it must have been from the addition of the Kypris product and of course, the P50. My eye stuff also seemed to be working better than what I was using last week but those results are harder to judge as eye products take a bit more time to “work” in my experience. Finally, my favorite night balm by Decleor was also amazing. It is so relaxing and nourishing to use this at night and I feel like my skin is still super hydrated in the morning. This was recommended to me years ago by a Bliss facialist and I seriously think she deserves a thank you note for this one. So good!

Oh hey, I forgot to mention that I did use a peel and face mask this week on Thursday night. I took a bath and I always pamper my skin while in the bath. I used the Ole Henricksen Power Peel and then used the Karuna Hydrating Sheet Mask. I skipped my nighttime routine that night and just slathered on a moisturizer and passed out. Did this affect my skin care results for the week? Probably BUT I will be using a peel at least once a week, it’s just good habit 🙂

Here are some photos of my skin throughout the week.

Taken Tuesday (3/22) morning after cleansing and before makeup

Taken Tuesday (3/22) morning after cleansing and before makeup

Taken Wednesday (3/23) after cleansing and before makeup

Taken Wednesday (3/23) after cleansing and before makeup

Taken Wednesday (3/23) after light makeup

Taken Wednesday (3/23) after light makeup (same makeup as previous weeks)

Taken Sunday (3/27) afternoon with light makeup.

Taken Sunday (3/27) afternoon with light makeup.

Taken Sunday (3/27) night after full PM routine

Taken Sunday (3/27) night after full PM routine

Rating of my routines this week: Morning 8/10 and Night 9/10

Now, what will I be using this week!?

For the third week of my weekly skin care feature (3/28-4/3), I will be using very similar products in the AM routine as I did last week, however, I wanted to put the P50 in the morning to see how it helped my makeup apply. Everything else will be staying the same. I will likely run out of the Blue Moon Cleansing Balm this week too so my final thoughts on it will be in next week’s post.

My Skin Care Routine // Week Three


For the PM routine for March 28-April 3rd, I really changed things up. I am going to keep the same cleansers since I had no complaints from last week. I forgot to take a photo of my eye products, but I will be using the same eye creams and serums as last week (click here to see). Since I swapped out the P50 and put it in my AM routine, I decided to add the Shisheido WrinkleResist24 toner. It is technically called a “balancing softener” but yeah, it’s a toner. I have used this in the past sporadically, however, it has not compared to the P50 yet so I am excited to try it out for a week and see what I think. Now, the rest of my routine, I am SO excited about. I am OBSESSED with Sunday Riley’s Luna Oil and Good Genes Treatment but I usually use them seperately (Luna at night and Good Genes in the AM), however, I have been hearing SO many good things about using the Luna Oil first and then letting it sit for a few minutes before applying one pump of Good Genes right on top. People are dying over this combo so while I love each product individually, I am really excited to see the difference when I use them together. Just some quick background — the Sephora website states the following, “Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment exfoliates and moisturizes the skin while smoothing the appearance of fine lines. Luna Sleeping Night Oil contains a powerful, yet gentle trans-retinol ester and moisturizing botanical oils to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines, and sun damage while preventing flakiness and irritation.” Are they pricey? YES! So, if you want to give them a go, I highly suggest trying this kit first before splurging on the full price products. I will be topping those two off with the Sunday Riley Tidal moisturizer. I didn’t have great first impressions of this guy so hopefully I’ll have better feelings after this week. It is supposed to deliver an intense water drench with two forms of hyaluronic acid and tamarind extract, for hydrated and visibly plumped skin. Meh…we will see! Come back next week to see what I’m thinking! I am so excited!

My Skin Care Routine // Week Three

Here are some photos from this morning:

Photo from morning of 3/28 after routine and before makeup

Photo from morning of 3/28 after routine and before makeup. You can see the hyperpigmentation (darker skin) on my cheeks in this photo). Hopefully I will see some change this week

Photo with light makeup on the morning of 3/28. Same makeup as posted in previous Skin Care posts

Photo with light makeup on the morning of 3/28. Same makeup as posted in previous Skin Care posts

Do you love any of these products?? Have you tried any of the products from my previous posts? Thoughts/Feelings/General Feedback on this new series?! Lemme know 🙂


Review of routine posted on 4/4/16

Hi guys! So I used the routine above for an entire week and I gotta say, these routines were SO great for me!

In the AM, I LOVED using the P50. I feel like this product makes my skin feel so plump and supple and my makeup applies so easily when I use this product. The Blue Moon cleanser I finally ran out of and eh… it’s fine. I won’t be buying again because I like other cleansing balms more, but I’m glad I gave it a go. I definitely liked the Boscia oil more in the morning (instead of using in PM) BUT I struggle with how much to apply. If I apply too much then it takes forever to absorb into my skin and my makeup ends up looking weird on top, but if I apply too little then I look dry around 3pm. I haven’t given up on it… it really does give great glow… but yeah, I don’t see much noticeable change in my skin aside from adding moisturizer. People have asked me if this oil is a “must have” and the answer is, no. Is it fine to buy and use? Yes. Is it a game changer? No.

Other readers were wondering if the Dr. Gross Ferulic Acid was giving noticeable results yet…. and to be honest, I’m not sure. Pictures are below. You tell me! I will still be using this product for this week (April 4th-April 10th) so yeah…wish me luck 🙂

In the PM, I die. Kill me. This routine….I don’t know how I am going to top it next week! I haven’t really had any “wow” moments with anything in this routine other than the Good Genes + Luna Oil from Sunday Riley. My cleansing routine was A-okay, as were my eye creams, but yeah, Good Genes + Luna is just heaven. My skin looked so great this week! Even MJ said to me, “Your skin feels so tight and soft. It’s seriously really plump!” Again, MJ doesn’t compliment stuff like this very often, so yeah, I was impressed. I will say that my skin was a little bit more sensitive than usual. For example, when I use a cleansing balm I rinse my face with a wet terry face cloth and if I scrubbed just a little bit too hard, my face turned super red. The redness never lasted long, but it just felt pretty sensitive. Remember that I was using P50 in the morning too so there was a lot of face exfoliation going on in my routine this week. Was it worth it? I think so!!!

Here are some photos throughout the week. Be sure to click HERE to see what I’m using next week! xo

Taken on AM of March 30th before makeup

Taken on AM of March 30th before makeup

Taken on morning of March 31st before makeup

Taken on morning of March 31st before makeup

Super light makeup on March 31st

Super light makeup on March 31st