Four Face Masks You Needed Yesterday

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Either you’re a bath person or you’re not. I AM…big big big time. A lot. MJ and I used to live in a condo downtown and we had a HUGGGGGGGEEEE bath tub. I basically lived in that thing. No lie. However, when we were designing our new house, the upstairs floor plan just didn’t have the room for a giant tub so I made a little sacrifice and decided to have our master bathroom just have a large shower. I wouldn’t say I regret the choice, because there wasn’t really another viable option, but I just really miss having a huge bath tub. Ugh. Anyway, I digress. We DO have a bath in our guest bathroom. It’s nothing big but it works. So, several times a week, I still take a really long bubble bath. My knees poke out of the water but whatever. During this bath, I spend quite a bit of time pampering my skin. I fill the tub with my favorite bubbles from Honest Company, prop up my phone on my toilet so I can watch a bunch of YouTube videos and I just pamper myself. It is SO relaxing. I highly recommend this as a part of your routine. Taking 15-20 minutes for yourself is important. Your husband and your kids will understand. If you have kids, you might want to wear ear plugs….crying kids totally ruin the mood.

Four Face Masks You Needed Yesterday

As I mention, bath time is as a time where I use special masks and treatments on my skin. I will wash my face with my favorite cleanser and then follow with a sheet mask, peel off mask, or clay mask. Depends on my mood and my skin. I’ve listed some of my favorites below. Each description has a link to a site where you can purchase the product if you’re interested. Disclaimer: I have dehydrated skin, I am not prone to acne, and I do not have sensitive skin. Pick the masks that will work best for your skin. I tend to pick masks based on added hydration and wrinkle prevention. You do you.

Four Face Masks You Needed Yesterday

  1. Eve Lom Rescue Mask

This mask kinda smells like Noxema and I love that! Reminds me of my youth…a simpler skin care time. Eve Lom has some great products. The Rescue Mask is a clay mask that you lightly scrub off when it is dry. I tend to rub it off with my hands and then go back in with a wet cloth. Again, you do you. This is a great mask for pulling out impurities like black heads and stuffed up pores. I love it because it doesn’t dry out my skin. Yay! According to the Eve Lom website, it also soothes redness and make your skin smooth and supple. I agree with both of those statements. It is super pricey, but it lasts forever, especially if you have a few masks you can rotate. I’ve had mine for months now and it hasn’t dried out in the jar like the Glam Glow ones did. ***shakes fist in the air at Glam Glow**

Recommended use: When your skin is feeling clogged up and gunky..think, after a day of touring a new city or after a baby has thrown up on your all day.

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What To Expect When You’re….Here

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Today I wanted to talk a little bit about things you can immediately expect to see here on Whisper Sweet Somethings.

I mentioned in my first post that while I love a ton of lifestyle type things, I can’t love them all at once… I would go mad. Right now, I happen to be really into skin care. That is probably closely tied to the fact that I just turned 30. Skincare has always been a really important part of my morning and night time routine, but recently I have significantly stepped up my game. I would love to share some of what I have learned through my tireless hours of interweb research.

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Welcome to Whisper Sweet Somethings

Hi and Welcome!

Welcome To Whisper Sweet SomethingsI wanted to start this blog for a few big reasons that I think can be all rolled up into one– I love all things girly. Be it makeup, fashion, DIY, or decor (skincare, party planning, cooking, health and fitness)… I’m on it, in it, and lovin’ it! Honestly, I can’t say I have the time to love all of those things equally and all at the same time….I am not Super Woman after all. The love, though, is there just the same and I would be so happy to share with the world the things I’m currently really obsessed with.  I think that makes for a more interesting blog anyway. I couldn’t possibly only talk about beauty or fashion, but a mixture of all of those things, sure!

Maybe introductions are in order. My name is Mary. I am a 30(!!!) year old school psychologist and I am married to a really awesome man named MJ. When I’m not chillin’ with my husband and doggies, I love to watch YouTube videos, read blogs and play on Pinterest. Did you notice I said I “play” on Pinterest?? I said that because most of what I pin on there is total pretend. Sure, I would love to make my own almond milk and wear Versace and red lipstick while I do so, but…….no. While I can’t have a taste of all of that glory, I thought we could navigate some fun things that us “normals” can feasibly attain. This blog is meant to be the ramblings of a girl (wife, friend, daughter, school psychologist) who is always trying to learn, grow, adapt and evolve….all while appearing like I’ve got it together when I probably don’t. If that sounds like you too then YAY! Friendsies! 🙂

Welcome to Whisper Sweet Somethings        Welcome to Whisper Sweet Somethings

My girl friends will serve as the primary inspiration for Whisper Sweet Somethings. I have an amazing group of girlfriends, many of whom I have known since I was 7 years old. I’m sure I’m not alone in that I learn SO much from my lady friends. They are amazing women but totally unique and different individuals. I could be hanging out with one of my friends who is a mom of two and feel totally inspired by all of the effort she puts in to keeping those stage five clingers called children alive but feel equally inspired by my cool grad school friend who looks effortlessly chic all the goddamn time. While we all lead totally different lives and have different priorities, I can count on at least one of them asking me a skin care, home decor, or makeup related question pretty regularly. They think I am way cooler than I am and for that, I love them. As I mentioned above, I am always trying to learn, grow, adapt and evolve and I do that through learning from my friends and admiring their uniqueness. Basically, without them, I’m nothing. Cheesy. Yup. True? Totally.

Welcome to Whisper Sweet Somethings

Anyway, back to the blog. Are you on board???  I am 🙂 Please subscribe and come back soon. Muah!