My Skin Care Routine // Week Two

Hi everyone! I’m here to review last week’s routine and then debut this week’s routine after that. If you’re not familiar with my new skin care feature, click HERE to get up to speed. The two second rundown is that I am using one AM skin care routine per week and one PM skin care routine per week and then reviewing them 7 days later.

Last week was my first week and I have to say, it was TOUGH to stick to only the products I chose. Half way through the week there were some items I wanted to swap out, but I didn’t. I stuck to it and now I’m ready to review. Okay, so for a recap, the products I used are photographed right down there. If you want to read details about each product and find a link directly to each product from last week’s routine, click HERE.

Weekly Skincare Routine // Week One

3/14 Routine Review 

The Good

My AM routine on the whole was pretty great. I really enjoyed the Blue Moon cleansing balm as a morning cleanser and I think adding the Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution was a good idea. Since I was looking for improvements all week, I definitely feel like I’m more aware of the flaws in my skin than I was before. I have noticed that I have way more hyperpigmentation (little dark spots) than I originally thought. Ferulic acid helps protect the skin from UV damage and also reverses some of the damage already caused by the sun. I am hoping that with regular use I will see some of my sun spots reduce. They are especially prevalent on my cheek bones. Boo. I also really loved the Belif moisturizer. That shit is awesome! It is pretty thick for a day time moisturizer, but I really felt like for me, someone who has dehydrated skin, it made my skin look plump and awake. I loved that! Mine was only a travel size sample but I will buy the big size once I clear out some of my other products over time 🙂 Another shining star product for me was the Jouer lip balm. It lasted all night and my lips looked really fresh and moisturized 24/7. Great product!

The Middle

So while I love the Blue Moon balm for morning use, I did not love it for evening cleansing. Why? I felt like the formula is too thick for makeup removal purposes. I felt like it really tugged at my skin unless I used a lot of product and it’s too expensive to use giant scoops every time. It’s great for the morning because you need to use less in the AM, but yeah…not for PM use in my book. The Dr. Jart Micellar Water is GREAT if you don’t use water proof mascara, which I do, so while I like it for removing face makeup, it was kind of pointless for me to use on my eyes. Otherwise, it was a great first cleanse but not something I will be purchasing again.

I also did not like the Boscia oil for evening use. I think I would prefer to use it in the AM before putting my makeup on. I know I will need to let it sink into my skin a little bit before applying makeup on top, but I felt like it wasn’t moisturizing enough for all night use, but that it would be perfect for the AM. We shall see 🙂

The Not So Great

What wasn’t I too fond of in this routine? Well, I am not loving this Kieh’s Calendula toner. It has these little chunks of calendula floating in it and they always ended up on my cotton pad and then on my face and I just really hate thatMy Skin Care Routine // Week Two feeling. I’m trying to feel clean, not chunky. I did like that it is a very mild toner. I experienced no irritation at all. I also really really don’t like the Honest company lotion. I feel like I just keep rubbing and rubbing and it does notttt want to absorb into my skin. The moisture doesn’t last very long either. I need something heavier and longer lasting. I also need a lotion that doesn’t take 5 hours to absorb into the skin. I am seriously debating throwing it out but that seems so wasteful. Ugh.

Also, something in this routine made me break out a little bit. I’m not sure if I was too heavy on the oils at night or what, but yeah, check out these little dots on my cheeks. It could have been hormonal, but that’s not usually an issue for me either so yeah, I’m not sure.

Overall Impressions

I’m so torn! Something about this routine made my skin look great in the morning. I’m not sure if it was my night time routine working its magic while I slept, or if it was my morning routine that added moisture and plumpness to my skin. That’s kind of how skin care works. You like some things and could do without some others. My overall rating of the AM routine was a 7/10 and the PM routine score is a 6/10. I needed more moisture over night for sure. I am hoping next week’s routine leaves my skin plump minus pimples 🙂

My Skin Care Routine Week Two

Alrighty, I learned a little bit from last week and made some tweaks to my routine. Here is what I will be using from March 21st-March 28th. Product details below the pictures.

My Skin Care Routine // Week Two

AM Routine Products (in Order of Application)

Blue Moon Cleansing Balm – As I mentioned above, I was not loving this for night time, but I did think it worked well for my morning cleanse. I agree with the claims that this is great for calming irritation and I like that it is a little gritty because it is a very mild physical exfoliation.

Kiehl’s Calendula Toner – Yes, I said I don’t like this toner so much…. true. However, I don’t want to waste the product and I do think it does what it claims — keeps my pores clear and doesn’t irritate my skin. If it weren’t for the stupid calendula petals, I would probably really like this product.

Caudalie Grape Water – Not a necessary step I just like the added hydration before applying my serums etc.

Omorovicza Reviving Eye Cream – I always apply my eye cream/serums before any other serums or creams. I do this so that the ingredients specific to the eyes have a chance to absorb and do all their goodness before I put on something else meant for the entire face. Make sense? This one has a really great cucumber smell to it and claims to reduce puffiness and plump and firm. I need allllll of that!

Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution – Really hoping that I see some dark spots fading soon! Products like this take a little bit to see any improvement and sometimes you won’t see any at all because they are actually preventing things from happening in the first place. It makes reviewing products difficult. A lot of trust is involved here haha.

Boscia Beauty Oil – I think this is a nice light oil appropriate for day time. I didn’t like this as a night time product so I am curious to see how I like it during the day.

My Skin Care Routine // Week Two

PM Routine Products (in Order of Application)

Deep Cleansing Oil – I’ve been using this for awhile now and I think it’s a really great “first cleanse”, meaning it’s very good at removing all of my makeup (even the waterproof stuff)

Beauty Counter Cleansing Balm – I haven’t used this product yet, it was a gift, but I am excited to give it a go. I like cleansing balms as my “second cleanse”

Biologique Recherche P50 Lotion – This is my favorite “toner” ever. It is so effective and amazing and lovely and did I mention effective? I haven’t been using this very much because I’ve wanted to try some new stuff but yeah, I need it back in my life. Come to mama!!!!!

Caudalie Grape Water – Not a necessary step but I like to let the P50 sit on my face for a little bit and then I spritz some of this on to neutralize the toner and just feel refreshed

Elemis Pro Collagen Eye Treatment – I like to apply eye treatments before any other products because I want to make sure my eye area is well taken care of. I need these stupid wrinkles to go away!

Kypris Moonlight Catalyst– After applying my eye treatment I like to apply my face treatment. This product is amazing for those of you who prefer a more “natural” routine. It’s a great alternative to “retinoids” since it’s all herbal stuff (technical terms…). Anyway, it claims to even skin tone, refine texture, calm, soothe, plump, diminish the evidence of old pimples. Lots of claims. Keep you posted 🙂

Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm – I find that this eye balm is effective but not super heavy which might be appealing to some of my readers. It claims to fight the visible signs of aging and the reviews I’ve seen claim that this balm reduces eye puffiness. I need that. I’m a puffy mess lately.

Decleor Aroma Night Neroli Balm – This has been a long time favorite. I think this tub is my third or fourth. I love this! It’s soooo rich and thick and moisturizing. Worth every penny to me. I use a teeny tiny bit of this and press it into my skin before bed. This is another natural product and it claims to make your skin look smooth and refreshed when you wake up. I totally agree. LOVE IT.

I used my AM routine this morning and thought my makeup applied really nicely today. Here is a photo using the same makeup routine as last week. Thoughts???

My Skin Care Routine // Week Two

OKAY!!!! Wish me luck 🙂 This week I am hoping for plumper and less wrinkly under eyes, fewer pimples and overall glowy and young looking skin. Do you use any of these products? Do you recommend anything for my skin issues?! I need help!!! xo

Mindfulness 101 // First Aid for the Mind

Hi hi!

There is a side to me, a huge side, that I don’t discuss very often but I think now might be a great time to re-introduce that I am a school psychologist. Many of you may be wondering wtf a school psychologist is and basically, I provide school based psychological services to students in grades K-12. I do a little bit of counseling, some consultation with teachers, and also a lot of psychological assessment (IQ tests, Achievement tests.. etc etc). Through my job, I have been afforded the opportunity to learn about a variety of counseling techniques and practices. None, though, have impacted me as much as the practice of Mindfulness. Mindfulness has impacted my work life, my students, and my personal life. It is the one thing I have learned about that I feel like is 100% useful to 100% of the people I talk to about it. It is really. freaking. cool.

Okay, so a few weeks ago, a girlfriend of mine was talking to me about how stressed and anxious she had become in the last year or so. In her defense, she is a married mom of two children under the age of three. If I were in her shoes, as I know many of you are, I probably would have curled up in a ball and cried like 409038398 times a week. While I look forward to having kids, the thought of keeping the kids alive and healthy is really daunting and scary. Anyway, my friend explained that the anxiety she was feeling over the tiniest of things was becoming debilitating and she had sadness because she was worried that how she was behaving was going to affect the relationships in her life. As she was explaining this to me, my first thought was MINDFULNESS! Then a few weeks later, a friend of mine and MJ’s talked to me about some work stress going on in her life and she wanted to know how to deal. Again, Mindfulness! I figured these ladies cannot be the only ones feeling overwhelmed and so I thought I could give you all a rundown of what Mindfulness is and how it can help everyone. I’ve linked some websites below if you want to learn more on your own. As always, feel free to ask me any questions at all. I love talking about this stuff 🙂

The long and short of it is – Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique –that’s the first thing that pops up in google when you type in “what is mindfulness” . I could not have said it better myself. For me, Mindfulness is accepting the thoughts and feelings that I have without judgement. The bigger idea being that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to think or feel in any given moment. YOU are NOT your thoughts or feelings. Thoughts and feelings change but you will always remain yourself. Does this sound crazy? I hope not. For me, being more aware of how I feel about even the tiniest things, helps me handle the big messes in my life.

When I am feeling totally insane, I try to take a moment, wherever I am, to just close my eyes and focus on my breathing. I don’t do “deep” breathing or “try” to breathe, I just pay attention to my how I am currently breathing. I notice that my belly gets bigger as I breathe in. Sometimes I will place my hand on my chest and just close my eyes… but essentially, I’m just noticing my breath and letting it be. Since I am also focusing on being “mindful”, I will spend a few moments listening to the sounds around me, paying attention to how my body feels, and also note any smells or other sensations I notice. Thinking about my surroundings for a few minutes helps me clear my mind of all things stressful. It’s really easy. Try it.

Something else I do when I’m feeling like a psycho is to try and systematically relax my muscles. You can do this anywhere, without anyone knowing. For example, while sitting at your desk, you can close your eyes and begin to tighten and relax groups of muscles. I like to start at my toes and work my way up. You would curl your toes, hold it, and then relax your toes, clench your calf muscles for a moment, then relax. Do this, working your way up your body, until your holding your eyes tightly and then opening, hopefully feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day again. I do this at night sometimes to try and help me sleep. Sometimes I think I am totally relaxed and then I find that I am tensing my back muscles. I have to think really hard about relaxing those muscles and then it’s funny, I sink another inch or so into the bed. Try it.

When I would lead counseling groups based on Mindfulness, we would do a lot of exercises to help people become “one” with their thoughts. My favorite activity, and one that I feel like could immediately affect your day-to-day life, is being mindful while eating. The exercise we practiced with our students was to have them close their eyes while we fed them different foods. The students were instructed to truly take notice of how the food smelled, tasted, and felt. Taking away their site made them focus on the details we sometimes take for granted. It was a really fun exercise that I try to practice daily. With each bite of food, I try to be mindful of every feeling, taste, and smell. When I am being very mindful of my food, I eat less and feel more satisfied. I feel, at the end of the meal, that I have truly appreciated what I was eating instead of just feeling like “I ate because I had to.” I mean think about it, how many times a day do we just throw stuff into our mouths without even really appreciating it? 

I encourage you all to try this for the next week or so. It is easier if you can try it first when you’re by yourself. For me, that’s usually lunch. Let me know how it goes! If you’re interested in more ways to be more mindful and centered, I would love to talk to you more about it in later posts.

Good luck 🙂 Remember, you ARE enough. Everything you are doing in this moment is just right.

Six Mindfulness Exercises You Can Try Today

Breathing Exercise

My Skincare Routine // Week One

Hi guys! I am so excited about this post because I think I have come up with a great idea that my readers will LOVE! Yesterday I posted on my Instagram that I will be launching a new *weekly* skincare feature on my blog and today is the dayyyyy that I go over all of the details with you. Yayyyyy!

Since starting my blog, I have gotten tons of beauty related questions from my friends and family. I get a lot of makeup questions, but mostly I get a lot of questions about skin care. What do I use? When do I use it? How do I feel about botox? How much time do I spend on my routine? SO many questions. A few weeks ago I was at a party and my friend Julie started asking me questions about what I’ve been loving lately for fine lines and then her friend Kathy was asking about night creams and then… it hit me. I need to just post what I use on my face and post it constantly. This is how I thought of my new feature.

Each week, starting today, I am going to pick out several products from my collection and create an AM skincare routine and a PM skincare routine. Once I pick out my products (I already did this, see below) I am going to use ONLY those products for an entire week. At the beginning of each week I will show you the products I have chosen and why and then at the start of the next week I will talk about what I liked and did not like about the skincare routine and THEN post about my new one for that week. Make sense? Since I am just starting this today, this post will only be about what I have chosen to use for the week and why. Next Monday’s post, however, will have my thoughts on the this weeks routine and also my new picks for the upcoming week. Will I always change the entire routine? No, but I will be swapping out several products and reviewing each product as well as the routine on the whole.

I am so excited! I am excited because I think everyone will really benefit from hearing about the products I’m using and if they are actually working. I am also really pumped to finally finish some products up. Ugh, I am the worst at this. I will buy something, say a moisturizer, and yeah, I will love it, but before you know it, I’ve bought myself a new product and then totally forgotten about the half finished one over there in the corner. I need to clear some stuff out. Look at all of my products…. it’s gotten excessive. Okay, it’s been excessive for awhile now.

Weekly Skincare Routine // Week One

My bathroom counter (insert scared emoji here)

Weekly Skincare Routine // Week One

My bathroom wall (mostly where I keep cleansing balms and face oils)

My skin care drawer

My skin care drawer

I hate to admit this, but I even have a bunch of products underneath my bathroom sink too….AND….a bunch of face masks and exfoliating stuff in a drawer in our guest bathroom. I told you, it’s excessive! My name is Mary and I’m addicted to skincare products.

Okay ladies and gents, here are the rules for each week:

  1. I will pick an AM and PM skincare routine on Sunday night and post it on Monday + explain why I chose each product
  2. I will use ONLY the products chosen for the entire week, even if I’m not loving the results. The one exception to this rule is if my skin has a bad reaction to a product.
  3. Sometimes I take baths at night and when I do, this is when I use face masks and exfoliating products. I haven’t had time for this lately, but should I take a bath and use something not in my list, I will let you know.
  4. The following Monday I will review the products I used and rate the results of my routine on a 1-10 scale + post my new routine + explain why I chose the products I did
  5. Repeat

Things to know about me and my skin:

  • I am 31 years old.
  • My skin is pretty normal but tends to be a bit dehydrated (Not dry. Yes, there is a difference). I get oily in the T-zone throughout the day but it’s not overwhelming. I am not acne prone. I have tiny crows feet starting to develop. I have horrible allergies so I have some dry and saggy skin under my eyes since my eyes get swollen frequently. Stupid dust mites. What else? Umm.. I have a teensy bit of hyperpigmentation/uneven skin tone on my cheeks and forehead due to over tanning in my youth. Lastly, my pores are pretty small at the moment but I work really hard at this. A few years ago my pores were HUGE and I looked gross so now I try really hard to make sure my pores appear as invisible as possible.
  • The products may change but the routine is generally always the same. For an in depth explanation of each step click HERE but the short version is this:
    • AM Routine
      • Cleanse
      • Toner/Acid
      • Facial Spray
      • Treatment/Serum
      • Eye Cream
      • Moisturizer
      • Lip Balm
    • PM Routine
      • Double Cleanse (yes, I cleanse my face twice at night)
      • Toner/Acid
      • Facial Spray
      • Treatment/Serum
      • Eye Treatment/Serum
      • Eye Cream
      • Moisturizer/Oil
      • Lip Balm
  • I have been getting Botox on my forehead since my early 20’s. No regrets at all. I am being open about this because while Botox prevents me from getting deep forehead wrinkles, my skin is smooth like a baby’s bottom because of my skincare routine. This is an important distinction.

Last important note before we get started. What works for me may not work for you. I will definitely be as transparent as possible, but please don’t hold me accountable for your skincare woes should you try any of the products I am reviewing. If you are acne prone, you might not like some of my recommendations because my products are not geared towards acne prone skin. Know your own skin and make choices based on YOU.

Now that all the logistics are out of the way…. let’s get going. This week my routine is as follows:

Weekly Skincare Routine // Week One

This week my skin is feeling a little dehydrated so I chose products to make my skin look plump, hydrated, and glowing.

In the AM routine for March 14-20 we have:

  • Cleanse – Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm by Sunday Riley – I chose this because it clarifies and cleans but also moisturizes the skin so after your rinse it off, your skin never feels dry and tight.
  • Toner – Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner – As far as toners go, this one is pretty “light”. It wipes away anything left over after cleansing, clarifies, and soothes the skin too.
  • Facial Spray – Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist – I have the travel size and just love the scent. If it weren’t so pricey, I’d splurge for the big bottle. This step is always optional but I do feel like it adds a layer of hydration and refreshes the skin.
  • Treatment/Serum – Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution – I chose this because because it repairs sun damage (I mentioned above that I have some hyperpigmentation) AND it protects from further damage. It also claims to reduce the appearance of pores. I am using this all over my face as opposed to a “spot” treatment.
  • Eye Cream – Bobbi Brown’s Extra Eye Repair Cream – I have mentioned this a billion times. I’ve used up so many bottles of this and I just love it. It may be too heavy for some to use in the day time, but it works for me since my under eye area is really dry.
  • Moisturize – Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb – I have two large samples of this that I will be using this week. I have used it before and really like that it is hydrating without being heavy.
  • Body Lotion – Honest Company Face and Body Lotion – I decided to try using just one body lotion per week too. I like that this lotion is plant based but I am hoping I will still find this lotion to be super hydrating. My body is a bit dry so I need all the moisture I can get.

Instead of doing an entirely new routine in the PM, I will be using mostly the same products but I will be adding the Dr. Jart Micro Water as my first “cleanse” to remove all of my makeup. To use this, I pour a bunch on a cotton round and just wipe gently on my face to remove my makeup before I cleanse my face. My Treatment/Serum for PM will be the Tata Harper All-Natural Replenishing Nutrient Complex. This product is all natural and full of tons of great ingredients that are considered anti aging AND used to treat acne. After I apply the Nutrient Complex, I am going to use the Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil as my moisturizer. I like thick products at night so that my skin stays hydrated while I sleep. This oil is soothing and prevents premature signs of aging. It also supposedly boosts collagen production to encourage more supple skin. I need all the suppleness I can get! Before putting on my Bobbi Brown eye cream, I am going to use the Elemis Pro Collagen Eye Renewal so help reduce the appearance of my fine lines around my eyes.

The Lip Balm for both routines is the Jouer Lip Enhancer. It is really hydrating and it makes my lips look pretty 🙂 I used it last night but forgot to put it on this AM. Whoops.

Alright, that was a lot of information. Not all of my Weekly Skincare posts will be so long, I promise. Are you as excited as I am? I can’t wait to see how I like this routine and fill you guys all in on my progress. I DID use my AM routine this morning. Soooo….I thought it might be nice to throw in some really unflattering, up close pictures of my skin so you can see what I’m working with here. I took these this morning after doing my makeup. I wear very light makeup during the work week…just some tinted moisturizer, blush, highlight, and mascara.

My Skincare Routine // Week One

In the first picture you can see the baggy under eyes and some visible pores.

My Skincare Routine // Week One

Things aren’t as bad when you’re a little further away 🙂

Okay, I’m off. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! xo

Trendsend Unboxing and Try On (Feb 2016)

I’ve recently been sharing my experience with StitchFix (see here and here) and have loved the response from you all on what I’ve received. Some of you have even told me that you have signed up and I hope you’ll share what you get inTrendsend Unboxing 2016 your boxes. Recently I just started receiving boxes from Trendsend and I thought you might be interested in what I receive in these shipments as well. First, let’s talk about what Trendsend is.

Trendsend is a styling services, much like Trunk Club, provided by the store Ever Eve (formerly known as Hot Mama…so glad they changed their name). I LOVE Ever Eve. I really feel like it’s the perfect store for women in their early 30’s. It caters to moms who don’t want to dress in “mom jeans” and rock spit up tee shirts in the drop off lane at school. I have been shopping here for years and I have found that the prices are generally pretty reasonable and the clothes are definitely functional and appropriate for the 30 something crowd. Trendsend will send you a box of clothes based on your style profile that you fill out before they ship anything. The prices can vary but I feel like everything is appropriately priced and sometimes I even get sent sale items! I got a lot of jewelry in my first shipment that I loved and a lot of it was on clearance. I was really thankful because I don’t tend to look at the sale or clearance sections in stores because I get overwhelmed. The styling fee is the same as Stitch Fix, $20, and that amount is subtracted from your total when you “check out”.

Something that is different with Trendsend vs. StitchFix that Trendsend sends you mix and match outfits instead of just “items”. I LOVED that. In my first box, my stylist presented me with three outfits that she suggested for trips and events I had coming up (I wrote about them in my style profile). I ended up keeping quite a few items and I had 5 days to return everything in the prepaid envelope (StitchFix gives you only three days). My second box….well, you can see what I received below 🙂

This is what your box looks like when you open it and taken things out.

Trendsend Unboxing 2016

They package the pieces together in “outfits” which I think is great for those of us who struggle with how to match our clothes.  Trendsend Unboxing 2016

Inside the box there is a letter from the stylist describing why the chose the items they did. I like that they give shoe suggestions too! (spoiler: I have a little beef about the “bright” items she said she included…)

Trendsend Unboxing 2016

Here is the first outfit. They described this as a the “Perfect Work Outfit” but I don’t really agree. At all. I think this amount of bare leg in an unstructured dress can seem a bit too casual, even for work in education.

Trendsend Unboxing 2016

Don’t mind my pasty legs! It was February when I took these pictures :::yuck::: I will say that the dress fit well and the sweater was unbelievably comfy, BUT, I hated the color scheme. We are headed into spring and I just thought these colors were too drab for me. I mean, they matched my hair….not good. See what I mean though about the amount of leg? NOT work appropriate! VERDICT: Returned. Quality was great, just wasn’t “me”. Looking back, the dress would have been perfect for summer festival season.

Trendsend Unboxing 2016

This next outfit was labeled as the “Date Night” outfit and I do think they nailed this title. The outfit is cute, functional, comfortable, and even slightly sexy (the top is sleeveless and very cute without the jacket, I just forgot to take a photo. Sorry peeps!)

Trendsend Unboxing 2016

Isn’t this perfect for a date night? Or even running errands? VERDICT: Returned. You’re probably screaming “WHAT?! You said you loved it?!” And you’re right, I did love everything about this outfit. I returned the top because I already owned it (I am super into the Free People swing tops right now) and I returned the green pants because they were perfect fitting in the waist but baggy in the calves. Am I the only one who has this problem? They looked like “mom pants” on me. I am so oddly shaped. I returned the necklace because I already have one just like it and finally, I returned the super cute grey jacket because….they left the security tag on it!!! I was so annoyed. It was an oversight because the security clip was also grey and perfectly matched the jacket, but either way, I don’t have time to go to the store to have it removed, so I just returned it. It wasn’t worth the hassle to me.

Trendsend Unboxing 2016

This last outfit was called an “Easy Weekend Outfit”. They didn’t include pants with this one, I’m assuming because the green pants could have been paired with this but I wish they would have said that on the card. They recommended light denim (what? With this?!) or the camouflage leggings that I bought in my last box (loved them so much!).

Trendsend Unboxing 2016

I forgot to take a photo with the thermal underneath. I own the thermal they sent in a bunch of different shades, including the cream that they sent so I knew I had to return it. I LOVE the thermals and wear them constantly (my favorite is the purple linked here) so I think they nailed my style by sending it, I just wish they would have checked to see if I already had it (they have access to my online orders) Okay, so…. I hate this poncho. A lot. I know some people are into ponchos and this one was really soft and felt really expensive, but…ew. It’s not for me. Yes, it would be an easy errand running outfit, but yeah, no. Not for me. VERDICT: Returned. Hated the poncho. Loved the thermal but already owned.

Trendsend Unboxing 2016

OVERALL VERDICT: I returned everything. Boo! I loved half of what was sent to me but already owned three items and had to send back an item I loved because they left the security tag on it. Grrrr. I was also really annoyed at the lack of color. In the note to me, she said that she pulled spring items with some “brights” and yeah….this box could not have been any less colorful. While I loved my first box so much more, I’m not discouraged yet! I can’t wait to receive next month’s box. I always struggle with age appropriate spring/summer clothes so I hope they can send me some items I can wear next season.

Oh hey, before I go, you can buy anything here on the website! xo

What are your thoughts on what I received? Was there anything you think you might buy??

Bridal Fashion 2016

Did you guys know I am obsessed with all things bridal? I L-O-V-E weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties…everything! I love it! I love the styling and party planning that goes into events like these and even though I am married, never again to have my own bridal shower or bachelorette party, I still stalk wedding planner instagram pages and frequently pin fun bachelorette party themes. Why? Just because it is literally the most FUN thing of life. Duh! Anyway, when I am shopping online, I often find myself pausing on adorable bride-like outfits, items perfect for honeymoons, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, etc. I thought all of you brides-to-be might get a kick out of seeing what I would be wearing if I were a bride. While not technically “bridal fashion” (ie: no wedding dresses here) these pieces are super cute and I want them. All of them. Direct links to items are below the pictures. And psst…all of you bridesmaids out there, some of these items would be ADORABLE bachelorette gifts, too! xo

Bridal Fashion 2016

Bridal Fashion 2016 IMG_9412 (1)

Wifey Tank $16

Lace Two Piece $62

Fit & Flare Dress $58

Pom Pom Romper $80

Floral Kimono $42

Bridal Robe $44 for set of 2

Ivory Midi Dress $64

Hungover Sweatshirt $26

Aloha Bride Tank $23