Trendsend Try On (May 2016)

It’s been awhile guys. Honestly, between my doctorate classes, work, dogs, family, social things… I’m just so exhausted. For those of you who were following my skin care posts, those have to go on hold. Most people get skin problems when they switch their skin care too much, but I was getting skin issues from using the same things every day. Too much redness, random pimples… I am really great about listening to my skin needs and I needed to go back to that. Different routine most days. It works for me 🙂 You can still expect reviews frequently, just not an entire routines. Sorry guys!

Alright, so let’s get to last month’s Trendsend Box. For information on Trendsend click HERE. I also showed what I got in my March box — click HERE to see that.

This time around my stylist went super casual, which normally would be fine, however, I had specifically asked for things I could wear to work. Sure, I work in a pretty laid back environment, but I still need to look professional-ish ya know? That said, you can see from the note below that she was thoughtful in what she pulled. Had I not specifically talked about stuff I could wear to work in my requests, I would have been stoked that she pulled more casual items since I spend 99% of my life wearing leggings.

Trendsend May 2016

Outfit #1 – I loved the vest SO much when I saw it online, but in person, it just didn’t wow me. It did not fit me well at all, as you can tell and yeah, it went back. The tank was a bit too pricey to keep and the jeans were boxy on my teeny tiny calves, right? I mean, the white jeans reminded me of something my Mom would have worn in the 2000’s. Sadly, this outfit went back BUT I did think it would have looked good on someone smaller than me. Story of my life!
Trendsend may 2016

Outfit #2- This outfit is SOOOO me! I loved it. Every bit of it. I ended up only keeping the button down (it was cozy beyond belief) but the joggers were adorable too — a bit tight in the waist so I returned them. Should I drop some pounds anytime soon, I will for sure be buying them. The tee shirt was the real star of this outfit. I know so many of you are going to love it. It was wayyyy too tight on my tig ol’ bitties otherwise I would have lived in it. Click HERE to see a better picture of the tee.

Trendsend May 2016

Trendsend 2016

Outfit #3 – Nope. I just didn’t like this pairing at all. I actually liked, and kept, the shirt because it was cozy and I think perfect for lounging around my house, but these pants…nope. I actually think they sent these to me before and I returned them saying NOPE but…yeah. Maybe the universe wants me to have these pants that look horrible on me?! I don’t know why…I wish the universe would eff off. Ugh…I look horrible. Don’t even get me started on the disgusting necklace. Sorry but this one was a fail. Fail blog dot com.

Trendsend May 2016

Trendsend May 2016

That’s it for this month, guys! Have any of you tried Trendsend?? Lemme know if you’ve been liking it! My next box will come in July. Wish me luck! xo

Trendsend Unboxing + Try On (March 2016)

Hello everyone!

I’m back with a new Trendsend unboxing and try on. Just like last month, I tried it all on so you could really see how it all looked put together and then let you know what I decided to keep and what I sent back. Alrighty, let’s get going!

Trendsend is a styling service, much like Trunk Club, provided by the store Ever Eve (formerly known as Hot Mama…so glad they changed their name). I LOVE Ever Eve. I really feel like it’s the perfect store for women in their early 30’s. It caters to moms who don’t want to dress in “mom jeans” and rock spit up tee shirts in the drop off lane at school. I have been shopping here for years and I have found that the prices are generally pretty reasonable and the clothes are definitely functional and appropriate for the 30 something crowd. Trendsend will send you a box of clothes based on your style profile that you fill out before they ship anything. The prices can vary but I feel like everything is appropriately priced and sometimes I even get sent sale items! I got a lot of jewelry in my first shipment that I loved and a lot of it was on clearance. I was really thankful because I don’t tend to look at the sale or clearance sections in stores because I get overwhelmed. The styling fee is the same as Stitch Fix, $20, and that amount is subtracted from your total when you “check out”.

Okay, so for March I asked for spring/summer clothing that was edgy but still feminine. I wanted things that I could wear to work and be comfortable in as well.

This is the letter that my stylist sent with my box. I love that she used my Spring/Summer Pinterest board for inspiration (curious about what I pinned? Click here) and also liked that she pointed out that I can reach out to them for ideas on how to wear the items they included in my box.  I didn’t know I was able to do that, so I definitely think that is a nice perk of the Trendsend box. Something I noticed is that my stylist mentioned my New Orleans trip again. This is a trip I have cancelled and I erased it from my Style Profile months ago. I was a little annoyed because I update my profile every month and assume that they look at it before packing up my boxes. In my feedback for this box, I will be sure to let them know to look at my current and updated Style Profile before sending items.


Trendsend March 2016

Outfit # 1 – Feminine Badass

Lately, I have been loving things that are feminine but with a little edge. I think the stylist did a great job of creating this outfit and putting together something that I would normally never think to wear. I have a vest that is similar to this one but this one is more structured, which I really liked. I think it is pretty flattering. Something I am a little annoyed about is that they included these faux leather leggings with this outfit. I already own these….even worse, I ordered them from their website. For my first box in January, they referenced that I had already owned these leggings and mentioned that I could wear them with an outfit they sent — I really appreciated that they took the time to check my order history to make sure they didn’t send me any repeats. I don’t know why they forgot I already had these, but yeah, this bothers me Grrr. On the plus side, these are my FAVORITE leggings ever. They are SOOOO flattering to the tush and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to add a little bit of edge to their style. SO cute.

Verdict: I returned the leggings since I already owned them but I KEPT the tunic and the green vest. I also returned the tank top since it was just a basic white tank. I thought it was a little pricey at $28 for something so simple.

Trendsend March 2016

Trendsend March 2016

Interested in purchasing this outfit??? Click HERE for the leggings, click HERE for the tank, click HERE for the vest, click here for the tunic.

Outfit #2 – Ready for sunshine

Spring has sprung in Chicago and this outfit is PERFECT for the weather right now. I am OBSESSED with this Kimono. I have worn it twice already since this box arrived. Obsessed. It is over sized and so cozy – even MJ said he loved it which is pretty special… he never makes a fuss over my clothes. As for the jeans, I own a similar pair but these were super cute and comfortable. I also LOVED the tee shirt that came with this outfit, BUT I already own it in all of their colors. I love that it is a jersey material with a subtle v-neck. It’s not too low or revealing but it is still very flattering. I also really like that it is longer in the back. I feel comfortable wearing this with leggings because my butt is covered.

Verdict: I kept the kimono and loved the price at only $58. So worth it! I returned the jeans because I own similar ones and also returned the t-shirt because I already own it. Finally, the necklace was cute but it wasn’t long enough on me because of my tig ol bitties.

Trendsend Unboxing March 2016

Trendsend Unboxing March 2016

Saltwater Shore Kimono, Tunic Tee, Braided Necklace (similar), 7 For All Mankind Jeans

Outfit #3 – Have fun in New Orleans

Yeah, I’ve already talked about how my New Orleans trip is not happening…so I’m annoyed that this outfit was included. Further, I’m totally not into these sorts of patterns and just felt like this top was totally something a suburban mom would wear to a girls night out at 5pm on a Thursday. The sunglasses they included were tortoise shell which I did not think matched this black and white busy patterned “dress” at all. Which brings me to my next point, they said this was a “dress” but my lord….SO short. I paired it with the leggings because it would have been vulgar otherwise. I liked that it dipped low in the back, but yeah. No.

Verdict: Returned entire outfit. I could not have disliked it any more than I did. I guess the sunglasses were cute, but not worth $50 to me.

Trendsend March 2016

Trendsend March 2016Heart Strayed Dress, Quay Sunglasses

Overall impressions? I LOVED this box so much! I am, of course, annoyed that they sent some items that I already owned, BUT I am glad that I now have new ways to wear them. I would have never thought to pair that green vest with my faux leather leggings! Honestly, they could have sent me the ugliest box of life and then included the kimono and I would have still been SO happy. If you’re interested in signing up for Trendsend, click here. Interested in what I received in February? Click here.

Here is a picture of how I wore the kimono over the weekend. What do you think???

Trendsend March 2016

I wore the kimono with the tee shirt they recommended (the one I owned already) but I wore my Zella live in leggings (from Nordstrom) instead of black jeans. I’m all for super comfy.

Trendsend March 2016

Psssst…. These Steve Madden heels are SO comfy and cute. I got mine at Nordstrom (click here).

Have you tried Trendsend?? Thinking of trying it? Let me know in the comments! xo