POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Box

Hey guys! Yup– it’s another POPSUGAR unboxing! POPSUGAR released a SPECIAL EDITION box with a “resort” theme and I jumped ALL over it when they sent me the email about the preorder. I have a trip to Europe coming up at the end of June and I am looking for all things “summer” and “travel” at the moment. Usually the POPSUGAR Must Have box is $40 per month, but this limited Special Edition Unboxingedition box is $100. Yup, it’s super expensive, but it’s a one time deal and they usually have really fun items within them and just like the monthly box, these boxes are worth way more than you paid for it. In the past I have bought their Neiman Marcus Special Edition Must Have Box. I paid $250 for it but it was worth over $1,000. I received it just before Christmas and was able to gift the things that I would not use myself. It was so worth the price for me. POPSUGAR comes out with Limited Edition boxes a few times a year.

Are they something you would buy??? You need to watch the video to see what I received in this Limited Edition box. How much do you think it is worth?! If you want to join POPSUGAR, please use my referral code —> http://popsu.gr/vaGl

**Something to remember is that for the regular $40 a month box, you DO NOT need to do a monthly subscription. You can buy one box at a time. Give it a go 🙂 xo



Holiday Traditions: St. Patrick’s Day

We all hate to hear that we are “just like” our parents, right? I think when we hear that phrase, we immediately cringe because all we can think about are the things that annoy us about our parents. Now that I’m getting up there in age, I hear that I am “just like” my Mom and Dad way too often, however, when I really sit down and think about it, I decide to take it as a compliment. There are SO many traits that my parents have that I would be lucky to have. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about how much my Mom has taught me about being a good hostess, giving great gifts, and celebrating the holidays. When I throw a party, people always rave about how great everything looks and they wonder how I did it. Well, it’s simple. I got it from my mama.

Growing up, I was excited about every holiday because my Mom always made a big deal about them. Even the “small” holidays got a special table cloth or confetti decor. I would wake up the morning of Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day and I would rush downstairs to see what goodies my Mom had for us in the kitchen. She always decorated after we went to bed the night before so waking up was kind of like a mini-Christmas morning. This was especially fun because right after seeing this and eating breakfast, I usually had to head straight to school. Looking back, I felt like she must have spent so much time working on decorating our house for these holidays but now that I am older, I can see that it was the small things that I really remember. This post is all about recreating some things that my Mom used to do to make St. Patrick’s Day seem extra important. I hope that you can use some of these tips and tricks to help make the day special for you and your family. What holiday traditions are you hoping to recreate for your kids?

Holiday Traditions: St. Patricks Day

Holiday Traditions: St. Patrick's Day

Tip #1

Purchase items that you can use over and over again. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make an impression. I plan to reuse the hanging twirly guys next year as well as the confetti since I have nearly an entire baggie left over. I also saved the marshmallows just in case but I have a feeling MJ will eat those before next year. As for the gold coins, you can grab a bag of these for $1 at Walgreen’s. I wouldn’t recommend saving them but they are very easy to acquire year after year. When you’re done using all of these decorations, place them in a box or big zip lock bag and put them in a safe place to use for next year.

Holiday Traditions: St. Patrick's Day

Tip #2

Use what you already have! My table runner is one that I already had. If you have something that will work, use it! I also already had the votive holders (thanks to my wedding registry) and the candles inside were just vanilla candles from [Read more…]

POPSUGAR Must Have Unboxing – Feb 2015

Hi guys!

If you’re not familiar with subscription boxes then let me tell you…. you’re missing out! Subscription boxes make every month feel like Christmas. Basically, you sign up and pay a monthly fee for a company to send you a box of goodies. The boxes come in all varieties and prices so there is a box to fit everyone’s interests and budgets. The ones I love all have to do with beauty and/or health. Currently, I subscribe to POPSUGAR Must Have (monthly), Ipsy Bag (monthly) and Fab Fit Fun (quarterly).

I have made a video that shows the contents of my latest POPSUGAR box. I received this one this past Wednesday and I really loved the Valentine’s/Love theme. POPSUGAR is $39.95 per month but each box has over $150 worth of products. Check out the video to see what fun goodies I received this month. Trust me, it’s well worth the moola. OH — you do not need a long term subscription for POPSUGAR. I bought the 6 month subscription and will evaluate when that is over.

A little tip: if you receive something in your box that you know you won’t use, save it for a future hostess or birthday gift. I have a whole box of goodies in my closet so I will never be in the awkward position to have forgotten to get someone a gift.

If you want to try POPSUGAR click here: http://tinyurl.com/ovzlyl2
PROMO: Enter code MUSTHAVE5 for $5 off you first box
What subscriptions do you do? Am I missing out of any good ones? Would you like to see future unboxings? Let me know your thoughts. xo